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(Not a flattering picture, in my opinion)


Born in rural Minnesota in 1946, in 2002 John J. Emerson took early retirement from an undistinguished career in the medical field to devote himself to writing and study. He graduated from Portland State University in 1980 after having attended Reed College. He lived in Taiwan for a year in 1983 and loved it. He is divorced, separated, or single with a grown son who is a musician, and lives in poverty in Portland, Oregon.  


The vicissitudes of life, together with a considerable lack of people skills, precluded an academic career, but scholarship has been his main interest throughout his life. This site is not supplementary or ancillary, but is his primary institutional affiliation and publication forum. Prospective patrons can click

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Idiocentrism is not really a blog. However, it would be wrong to say that it is impersonal. Emerson's preferred form of self-expression is erudite objectification.


A Pedantic Autobiography


My influential disconnections



Who John J. Emerson is not:

The website designer for the Tibetan Government in Exile / a fellow at NPOP (dead link) / a jock and computer geek / an associate of Bill Clinton (considered a traitor by some) / John Emerson of Flying Cloud Tea (dead link) / an Iran scholar / a math professor / a character in a 1955 sci-fi movie / an American diplomat (considered a traitor by Joe McCarthy: spelled "Emmerson") / a Japan scholar / the director of the movie version of "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" (and husband of Anita Loos) / the founder of Emerson Electric Company / a nineteenth-century keeper of the Goat Island lighthouse / a Confederate Civil War veteran from Arkansas / Dred Scott's owner / or an early missionary in Hawaii.


 Apologies to anyone not mentioned who he also is not.






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